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STRUCTURE AND ADVANTAGES OF MOBILIZATION Portable awning is one of two types of movable awnings that are most commonly used and popular today. In families, shops and bars, this roof is increasingly intimate and indispensable to cope with the harsh weather of our country. In particular, this tool is extremely easy to use and manipulate without making it difficult for both the elderly and young children. They are widely used everywhere to provide a convenient and spacious space. The structure of a hand-awning awning - The hand-turning awning is operated by a roller, which is based on a spring mechanism made of aluminum tube with a diameter of 63 mm and one end of a canvas, the other end will have a stainless steel bar with a diameter of 25mm as the lower belt. Stainless steel bars are an important and essential design in the structure of this porch as they keep the canvas flat and free from folds. - The whole structure of the whole porch will be fixed to the wall by specialized screws and two-sided roller coils. - The most important part is the element that makes the brand is the crank of the porch. With a few simple turns, you can easily roll in or drop down the awning of the awning. Therefore, even young children and the elderly can use it easily. - Taiwan imported Tarpaulin is a common material used to produce this tarpaulin. The canvas is 4-4.5 mm thick. The canvas is covered with 1-2 layers of PVC, which is good against dust and rain, up to 95%. Tìm hiểu thêm : mái hiên đà nẵng uy tín và chất lượng
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