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Key Personnel

Cal Birdsall gtiengr@gtiengr.com

Founder and President GTI Engineering, Incorporated. Graduated from the University of Texas in 1962 with a BS in Chemical Engineering. In 1969 he became a Registered Professional Engineer and is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He has been the Chairman for the American Galvanizers Association Technical Services Committee. He also holds several patents in the galvanizing industry. As the corporations President, Cal is active in the firm conducting business operations and designing equipment.  

Trey Lewis  trey@gtiengr.com

Vice President of GTI Engineering, Inc. Trey graduated from the University of Houston in 2002 with a BS in Business Management. He has been working for GTI since 1990. He has held various positions over the years but specializes in equipment design.

David True    davidsti@gtiengr.com

Vice President of Field Operations, David has been with GTI since 1989 specializing in plant installations and technical assistance. Before coming to GTI David gained his experience in maintaining galvanizing plants for a large galvanizing company in the Houston area.

Jeff Hughes  jah@gtiengr.com

Supervisor of Field Operations, has been with GTI since 1999 specializing in equipment fabrication and plant installation. Jeff spent 4 years the U.S. Air force as a helicopter mechanic, and has varied experience in the construction industry.

Kimberly Lewis   kim@gtiengr.com

Office administrator, Kimberly has been with GTI since 2004. She is in charge of billing, shipping and receiving. Before GTI she worked for Exxon Mobil as a shipping coordinator in the chemicals division. She has also worked in the overseas container business.

Ray Hill   rhill@gtiengr.com

Ray is specializes in outside combustion sales and service, he has been with GTI since 2003. Before GTI, he worked for Eclipse Combustion for 20 years.

Pete Kenny

Installation Supervisor, Pete has been with GTI since 2008. Before coming to work for GTI, Pete worked in the galvanizing industry for 20+ years.

Shirley Birdsall

Corporate treasurer, Shirley has been with GTI since 1993. Before coming to GTI, Shirley had experience in purchasing in the galvanizing industry and was active in commercial and residential real estate.
About GTI

GTI Engineering has been providing clients with experience gained in designing hot dip galvanizing plants and equipment over the last thirty years.

GTI Engineering’s founder, J.C. "Cal" Birdsall, began consulting in the design of galvanizing equipment in 1970, and formed Galvanizing Technologies for the design and fabrication of air & water pollution control and other auxiliary equipment for the hot dip galvanizing industry. At that time, Cal was engaged in consulting practice, and working primarily for Huber Construction of Houston.

Huber was a refractory contractor and furnace manufacturer with a good reputation in the galvanizing industry, but did not wish to manufacture the type of equipment to be provided by GTI. This relationship continued until 1985, and upon the retirement of Mr. Huber, the galvanizing equipment portion of Huber Construction was purchased by GTI.

Since that time GTI Engineering has completed over 300 jobs for approximately 100 clients in 30 states, 13 countries, on 5 continents. Our team is made up of individuals whose combined backgrounds represent over 100 years of professional experience in the galvanizing industry.  GTI is very proud of its service to the hot dip galvanizing industry over the years. 

Plans for the future of GTI Engineering are based on continuing our leadership in technical achievement in the galvanizing industry. We are acknowledged in the industry as the leader in furnace and plant design, and our industry awards and customer satisfaction attest to our position. We have representative offices in Singapore, Egypt and Mexico, and these offices have helped us to develop a substantial international business. We also have staff consultants in galvanizing plant operations & market development.

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