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Metfin Chemicals
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Metfin AD11 - Features and Benefits

Product features

- Extender/Inhibitor for Hydrochloric Acid pickling

Hydrochloric acid stable, liquid organic Inhibitor

Allows rust and scale to be removed without reducing the pickling rate while significantly reducing the dissolution rate of the underlining metal surface

Slows the rate of iron dissolved in the acid solution

Completely miscible in water and acid


Operates at room temperature

Economic benefits

Extends the lifetime of a pickle solution by reducing the increase in iron due to the inhibition of attack by the hydrochloric acid on the base metal. Leading to a reduction in operating costs in the following areas:

Less hydrochloric acid consumed annually

Less frequent disposal (and associated costs) of pickle solutions.

Less maintenance of the pickle solutions.

Less production down time of pickling process.

Reductions in zinc pick up from the kettle due to the production of a less rough metal surface after pickling.

Low operating costs due to the low operating concentration of 0.125 % v/v.

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