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Metfin Chemicals
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Metfin AD01 - Features and Benefits

Product features

- Additive to Hydrochloric Acid to prepare a clean & pickle solution

                                   Neutral biodegradable surfactant

-Clear colorless liquid


-Completely miscible in water and acid




-Enables acid solution to remove oils from steel without detrimental effect of the pickling rate


-May eliminate the need of a separate hot alkali degreasing tank and associated rinse


-Operates at room temperature

Economic benefits

-    Possible elimination of separate alkali-degreasing solution and associated costs        


-    Reduced energy costs when compared to hot alkali degreasing solution


-    Possible elimination of a separate rinse tank & the reduction in water costs and tank  maintenance costs


-    The cleaner / pickle solution does not require rinsing and there are no added costs to introduce the product into the process


-    No maintenance of the product concentration throughout the lifetime of the pickling solution. Unlike alkali cleaning solutions that require frequent additions of product, all additions are made only when the pickle solution is made up. After this no further additions are usually required


-    Reduction in the quantity of product used in making up a solution. Metfin AD01 is operated at 0.25 % v/v whereas hot caustic soda based cleaning solutions are operated at 5 % w/w


-    No additional disposal costs to remove the product. The total solution of acid and additive can be disposed of together


-    Fume reductions of 40 to 50% are reported.



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