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Metfin Chemicals
Metfin - Chemicals

    We began to import the Metfin chemicals in May of 2000, and have conducted tests and monitoring of commercial usage since that time.

Metfin AD01

    This non hazardous additive is used with hydrochloric acid and with sodium hydroxide to form a good cleaning bath.  It will remove grease effectively in a heated tank.  In unheated hydrochloric acid, it will handle a moderate amount of oil, but will not remove grease. It will eliminate oil scum on the surface of acid tanks and eliminate "black spots" caused by this scum. It will also reduce acid fumes by 40 to 50%.

Metfin AS11

    This additive is used with unheated hydrochloric acid as an extender/inhibitor.  It works by preventing attack on base metal and removing oxide only.  It has been shown to increase acid life by about 10%.  Of course, this also reduces disposal cost by the same amount.  It has been successfully in an unlined steel tank, but  the caustic cleaner (if used) must be sodium hydroxide + AD01 or Metfin AK10. Anionic surfactants negate the effect of the inhibitor, thus destroying an unlined tank.

    AD11 is not claimed to be a fume suppressant, but it has a noticeable effect on fumes around the tank.

Metfin Ch06

    This additive is a very effective preventative for "white rust". It is a corrosive chemical (hexavalent chromic acid) in the quench tank, but the coating formed on the work is the trivalent form that is not a carcinogen. It has been very effective on difficult small parts such as fasteners.

    We now have approximately 20 plants testing & using these chemicals in tank sizes ranging up to 20,000 gallons. We would be pleased to discuss these products and their application in your plant. 

We now offer a 1/3 reduction in price on quantity purchases of 10 or more drums (which may be mixed).



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