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Air Heating Burners

Ratiomatic v1.0 0750- 2500 Configuration chart

Ratiomatic v1.0 Spare Parts

Ratiomatic v3.0 Configuration chart

Ratiomatic v3 050 & 075 Spare Parts

Ratiomatic v3 100 & 200 Spare Parts

Ratiomatic v3 300 & 400 Spare Parts

Ratiomatic v3 500 & 700 Spare Parts

Winnox v1.1 Configuration Chart

Winnox v1 Spare Parts

ThermAir v.1.3 Configuration Chart

ThermAir v.1 15, 25, 40, 75, 100, 200 Spare Parts

ThermAir v.1 300, 400, 500 Spare Parts

RatioAir v1.0 Configuration Chart

RatioAir v1.0 100, 200 Spare Parts

RatioAir v1.0 300, 500 Spare Parts

Mark IV Burners & Spare Parts

Air Heat v1.1 Configuration Chart

Air Heat v1 Spares & Stripped Parts

Air Heat v2.0 Configuration Chart

Air Heat v2 Spare Parts

Furnace Type Burners

ThermJet v. 2.2 Configuration Chart

ThermJet Spare Parts

HVTA-MVTA Spare Parts

MVTA-PCA Spare Parts



Vortometric v. 3.0 Configuration Chart

Vortometric Burner Spare Parts

DSF/DSF-CGO Burners & Spare Parts

PM, PMP & PMI Burners & Spare Parts

JIB, SIB Burners & Spare Parts

Gas-Pak Burners & Spare Parts

Tube Firing Burners

Therm Theif v. 2.1 Configuration Chart

Therm Theif TBF 030, 075, 200 Spare Parts

Bayonet Recuperator v. 1.0 Configuration Chart

Metallic Auto - Recupe

SiC Auto - Recupe

Immerso Jet v. 2.2 Configuration Chart

Immerso Jet Burners

Immerso Pak v2.0 Configuration Chart

16 & 20 IP Burners

100 IP Burners

TBF-CGO Burners

Miscellaneous Burners

Incini-Cone Burners

Blast Tips

Open Burner Nozzles

Line Burners

Heat Exchangers

Extern-a-therm Recupes

Air & Fuel Supply Componets

SMJ Blower v. 1.0 Configuration Chart

SMJ Blowers

Packaged Blowers


Hermetic Boosters

Atmospheric Mixers & Injectors

Low Press. Mixer Configuration Chart

Vari Set Mixers

Mixing Tees - Two Valve


Gas Pressure Regulators

Zero Governors

Gas Shut-Off & Control Valves

Gas Cocks

Eclipse Butterfly Valves

Hot Air Butterfly Valves

ALO-r, ALO Valves

Adjustable Orifice Gas Cocks

Blast Gates

Ratio Regulators

CR Valves

200 Series Locktite Shut Off Valves

2000 AT Autotite Automatic Gas Shut Off

Solenoid Valves

Single Arm Check Valves

Packaged Valve Trains

Dungs Products

Ignition & Supervision Componets, Motors


Veri-Flame Monitoring System

Veri-Flame Spare Parts

Multi-Flame Burner Monitoring System

Multi-Flame Spare Parts

Bi-Flame Burner Monitoring System



Ignition Transformers

Motors Used On Eclipse Equipment


Process Measurement & Control

ACT004 - Programmable Rotary Actuator

Air & Gas Metering Orifices

Air & Gas Pressure Gauges


ImmersoJet Burners



IJ8 Models

                Catalog         Assy.                                                                                 

                    Number        Number                            Description

                        IJ-8                                             Burner with mild steel chamber but no blower

Burner             IJ-8                                             Burner with mild steel chamber and blower

Packages 1       IJ-8                                             Burner with stainless steel chamber but no blower

                        IJ-8                                             Burner with stainless steel chamber and blower


Fuel                                 113047-1                     Conversion kit for propane

Options                            113047-2                     Conversion kit for butane


                                         113047                      Burner with flame rod and spark plug

Itemized                            10695                        Burner gasket

Components                      112077                       Mild steel chamber for 8" immersion tube

                                         112098                       Stainless steel chamber for 8" immersion tube

                                         10711                         Chamber gasket


                                          11941                       Flame rod/spark plug

                                          11020                       Gascock, 1/8"N.P.T.

Replacement                      11933                       Air gasket, 8"

Parts                                  19009                       Inlet gasket package 2

                                          11737                       Peepsight, 1/2"N.P.T.

                                          13225                       Peepsight, 1"N.P.T.

                                          113046                     Gas nozzle


1 A burner package includes the burner for 8" immersion tube and the following: spark plug, peepsight,

the selected combustion chamber, integral gas metering orifice, automatic and manual butterfly valves,

ALO-R valve, proportionator and all appropriate gaskets.

2 Includes 2" diameter gaskets for gas inlet, and 4" and 6" diameter gasket for air inlet.

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