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Air Heating Burners

Ratiomatic v1.0 0750- 2500 Configuration chart

Ratiomatic v1.0 Spare Parts

Ratiomatic v3.0 Configuration chart

Ratiomatic v3 050 & 075 Spare Parts

Ratiomatic v3 100 & 200 Spare Parts

Ratiomatic v3 300 & 400 Spare Parts

Ratiomatic v3 500 & 700 Spare Parts

Winnox v1.1 Configuration Chart

Winnox v1 Spare Parts

ThermAir v.1.3 Configuration Chart

ThermAir v.1 15, 25, 40, 75, 100, 200 Spare Parts

ThermAir v.1 300, 400, 500 Spare Parts

RatioAir v1.0 Configuration Chart

RatioAir v1.0 100, 200 Spare Parts

RatioAir v1.0 300, 500 Spare Parts

Mark IV Burners & Spare Parts

Air Heat v1.1 Configuration Chart

Air Heat v1 Spares & Stripped Parts

Air Heat v2.0 Configuration Chart

Air Heat v2 Spare Parts

Furnace Type Burners

ThermJet v. 2.2 Configuration Chart

ThermJet Spare Parts

HVTA-MVTA Spare Parts

MVTA-PCA Spare Parts



Vortometric v. 3.0 Configuration Chart

Vortometric Burner Spare Parts

DSF/DSF-CGO Burners & Spare Parts

PM, PMP & PMI Burners & Spare Parts

JIB, SIB Burners & Spare Parts

Gas-Pak Burners & Spare Parts

Tube Firing Burners

Therm Theif v. 2.1 Configuration Chart

Therm Theif TBF 030, 075, 200 Spare Parts

Bayonet Recuperator v. 1.0 Configuration Chart

Metallic Auto - Recupe

SiC Auto - Recupe

Immerso Jet v. 2.2 Configuration Chart

Immerso Jet Burners

Immerso Pak v2.0 Configuration Chart

16 & 20 IP Burners

100 IP Burners

TBF-CGO Burners

Miscellaneous Burners

Incini-Cone Burners

Blast Tips

Open Burner Nozzles

Line Burners

Heat Exchangers

Extern-a-therm Recupes

Air & Fuel Supply Componets

SMJ Blower v. 1.0 Configuration Chart

SMJ Blowers

Packaged Blowers


Hermetic Boosters

Atmospheric Mixers & Injectors

Low Press. Mixer Configuration Chart

Vari Set Mixers

Mixing Tees - Two Valve


Gas Pressure Regulators

Zero Governors

Gas Shut-Off & Control Valves

Gas Cocks

Eclipse Butterfly Valves

Hot Air Butterfly Valves

ALO-r, ALO Valves

Adjustable Orifice Gas Cocks

Blast Gates

Ratio Regulators

CR Valves

200 Series Locktite Shut Off Valves

2000 AT Autotite Automatic Gas Shut Off

Solenoid Valves

Single Arm Check Valves

Packaged Valve Trains

Dungs Products

Ignition & Supervision Componets, Motors


Veri-Flame Monitoring System

Veri-Flame Spare Parts

Multi-Flame Burner Monitoring System

Multi-Flame Spare Parts

Bi-Flame Burner Monitoring System



Ignition Transformers

Motors Used On Eclipse Equipment


Process Measurement & Control

ACT004 - Programmable Rotary Actuator

Air & Gas Metering Orifices

Air & Gas Pressure Gauges


RA0100 Parts

Part Number                                Item, Description

Blower Motors:

25116                                             0.33HP, 115/208-230/1/60Hz TEFC/NEMA

25115                                             0.33HP, 208-230/460/3/60Hz TEFC/NEMA

12033                                             0.5HP, 115/208-230/1/60Hz TEFC/NEMA

13101                                             0.5HP, 208-230/460/3/60Hz TEFC/NEMA

21473                                             0.5HP, 575/3/60Hz/TENV/NEMA

20528                                             0.5HP, 230/460/3/60Hz/Auto/TEFC/NEMA

14938                                             1HP, 208-230/460/3/60Hz TEFC/NEMA

21475                                             1HP, 575/3/60Hz/TENV/NEMA

20530                                             1HP, 230/460/3/60Hz/Auto/TEFC/NEMA


Burner Spares:

200757                                           Air Filter Assy.

11132                                             Air filter element

101010                                           Air Filter Assy.-Auto

10857                                             Air filter element - Auto

20505                                             Air Filter Silencer

101123                                           Filter/silencer mounting adapter (3" and 6" blowers)

101124                                           Filter/silencer mounting adapter (10" blower)

202085                                           Silencer mounting hardware kit

20508                                             Air filter/silencer element

19999                                             Ratio Regulator, 1" BSP

20595                                             Ratio Regulator, 1"NPT high turndown,left

20600                                             Ratio Regulator, 1"BSP high turndown,left

20597                                             Ratio Regulator, 1"NPT high turndown,right

20602                                             Ratio Regulator, 1"BSP high turndown,right

10002322                                       Spark Rod

13312-9                                         Flamerod, .5 in. NPT

3997-1                                           Nozzle

7127-1                                           Stainless steel nozzle

20716-1                                         Straight alloy tube

20718                                            Straight silicon carbide tube

20716-7                                         Straight inconel tube

17183                                            Medium velocity alloy tube

17182                                            High velocity alloy tube

17181                                            Medium velocity silicon carbide tube

17180                                            High velocity silicon carbide tube

187300-68                                     Medium velocity block and holder

187302-68                                     High velocity block and holder

14188-36                                       Plate, Orifice, 18.5mm, natural gas, low and medium velocity

14188-43                                       Plate, Orifice, 19.5 mm, natural gas, high velocity

14188-27                                       Plate, Orifice, 15.0mm, propane, all velocities

14188-15                                       Plate, Orifice, 14.0mm, butane, all velocities

10005                                            Gasket, Retainer, Combustion Tube

10003                                            Gasket for silicon carbide tube

14932                                            Mounting Gasket

10509                                            PSGHT,3/4

14778                                            RNG,O,2.8

13445                                            TAP,PRESS,0.125NPT,BRS

100182-1                                       Hi or low limit switch kit NEMA 4(incl. microswitch)

100182-2                                       Hi and low limit switch kit NEMA 4(incl. microswitch)

100265                                          Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Barber Coleman,Upright, Flexible Coupling

100264                                          Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Honeywell, Upright, Flexible Coupling

100263                                          Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Barber Coleman,Inverted, Flexible Coupling

100262                                          Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Honeywell,Inverted,Flexible Coupling

100306                                          Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Barber-Coleman,Upright,Solid Coupling

100305                                          Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Honeywell,Upright,Solid Coupling

100304                                          Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Barber-Coleman,Inverted,Solid Coupling

100303                                          Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Honeywell,Inverted,Solid Coupling

100322                                          Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Rotary,Sz4

RA0100 Parts

Part Number                                Item, Description

Blower Motors:

14938                                           1 HP, 208-230/460/3/60Hz/TEFC/NEMA

20530                                           1 HP, 230/460/3/60Hz/Auto/TEFC/NEMA

21475                                           1 HP, 575/3/60Hz/TEFC/NEMA

20548                                           2HP, 208-230/460/3/60Hz TEFC/NEMA

21477                                           2HP, 575/3/60Hz/TEFC/NEMA

20392                                           2HP, 460/3/60Hz/Auto/TEFC/NEMA


Burner Spares:

200757                                         Air Filter Assy.

11132                                           Air filter element

101010                                         Air Filter Assy.-Auto

10857                                           Air filter element - Auto

20505                                           Air Filter Silencer

101124                                         Filter/silencer mounting adapter (10" blower)

100076                                         Filter/silencer mounting adapter (15" blower)

202085                                         Silencer mounting hardware kit

20508                                           Air filter/silencer element

20312                                           Ratio Regulator, 1-1/2" NPT

20311                                           Ratio Regulator, 1-1/2" BSP

10002322                                     Spark Rod

3997-1                                          Nozzle

7127-1                                          Stainless steel nozzle

20716-1                                        Straight alloy tube

20718                                           Straight silicon carbide tube

20716-7                                        Straight inconel tube

15259                                           Medium velocity alloy tube

15260                                           High velocity alloy tube

15261                                           Medium velocity silicon carbide tube

15262                                           High velocity silicon carbide tube

187316-68                                    Medium velocity block and holder

187317-68                                    High velocity block and holder

14188-36                                      Plate, Orifice, 18.5mm, propane, medium velocity

14188-19                                      Plate, Orifice, 22.5mm, natural gas, low velocity

14188-4                                        Plate, Orifice, 18.0mm, natural gas and propane, high velocity

14188-4                                        Plate, Orifice, 18.0mm, propane, low velocity

14188-41                                      Plate, Orifice, 16.5m, butane, low velocity

14188-42                                      Plate, Orifice, 23 mm, natural gas, medium velocity

14188-21                                      Plate, Orifice, 17.0mm, butane, medium and high velocity

10005                                           Gasket, Retainer, Combustion Tube

10003                                           Gasket for silicon carbide tube

14932                                           Mounting Gasket

10509                                           PSGHT,3/4

14778                                           RNG,O,2.8

13445                                           TAP,PRESS,0.125NPT,BRS

100183-1                                      Hi or low limit switch kit NEMA 4(incl. microswitch)

100183-2                                      Hi and low limit switch kit NEMA 4(incl. microswitch)

100265                                         Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Barber Coleman,Upright, Flexible Coupling

100264                                         Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Honeywell, Upright, Flexible Coupling

100263                                         Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Barber Coleman,Inverted, Flexible Coupling

100262                                         Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Honeywell,Inverted,Flexible Coupling

100306                                         Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Barber-Coleman,Upright,Solid Coupling

100305                                         Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Honeywell,Upright,Solid Coupling

100304                                         Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Barber-Coleman,Inverted,Solid Coupling

100303                                         Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Honeywell,Inverted,Solid Coupling

100322                                         Kit,Mounting,Actuator,Rotary,Sz4


Parts common to all RM models


Part Number                                Item, Description


22735                                                     Actuator,EMP-424-5,4-20mA

22755                                                     Actuator,EMP-423-5,4-20mA

15273-4                                                  Actuator, H.W., M7284C-1000

12200                                                     Actuator, H.W., M7284A-1004

ACT004A2B1A1A                                  Actuator, Eclipse Rotary, 120v, 180 degree, 3/8 in

ACT004B1A1A1A                                  Actuator, Eclipse Rotary, 220v, 0 degree

ACT004A1B1A1A                                  Actuator, Eclipse Rotary, 120v, 0 degree, 3/8 in

ACT004B2A1A1A                                  Actuator, Eclipse Rotary, 220v, 180 degree

ACT004A3B1A1A                                  Actuator, Eclipse Rotary, 120v, 90 degree RH, 3/8 in

ACT004B3A1A1A                                  Actuator, Eclipse Rotary, 220v, 90 degree RH

ACT004A4B1A1A                                  Actuator, Eclipse Rotary, 120v, 90 degree LH, 3/8 in

ACT004B4A1A1A                                  Actuator, Eclipse Rotary, 220v, 90 degree LH

20475                                                     Air pressure switch, AA-A2-4-5, 2" - 20"

14494                                                     Air pressure switch, SMD8024204089, 0.17"- 6"

16928-3                                                  Air pressure switch, JD2-P, .1" - 10"

20440                                                     Air pressure switch, AA-A2-6-5, 2"-20"

14641-1                                                  Air pressure switch ,AA-A2-6-3, 0.4"-4"

16928-1                                                  Air pressure switch,JD2-R, 0.1"-24"

101146                                                   Mtg kit for Dungs air pressure switches

100074-1                                                Mtg kit for SMD air pressure switch

100075                                                   Mtg kit for JD-2 air pressure switch

101182                                                   Mtg kit for Dungs air pressure switches w/ ftg for braided hose

101183                                                   Mtg kit for JD-2 air pressure switch w/ ftg for braided hose

101184                                                   Mtg kit for SMD air pressure switch w/ ftg for braided hose

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